2017 Point In Time Count

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Partners in Care joined Bridging the Gap for a statewide release of the 2017 Point In Time Report.  Results from the count conducted on January 22, 2017 revealed the following information:

*9% overall statewide decrease in the numbers of homeless individuals from 7,921 persons in 2016 to 7,220 persons in 2017.  

*8% decrease in the total number of sheltered and unsheltered homeless veterans statewide compared to 2016, with a 9% increase on Oahu and 35% decrease on the neighbor islands.

*8% decrease in the total number of chronic homeless individuals and families compared to 2016. A 19% decrease in the total number of homeless families compared to 2016.

*The statewide decrease was led by large overall decreases on Hawaii (32%), Maui (22%), and Kauai (7%). Oahu registered a very small, (0.4) percent overall increase. 

2017 Statewide and Oahu Dashboard - PIT Results - NEW!

2017 Hawaii Statewide Point In Time Full Report - NEW!