2019 Partners In Care Membership

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


The Organizational Development Committee is happy to release the 2019 PIC Membership Application.  As in previous years, please make note that there are 2 categories of membership for PIC:

1. Community Member: Non-voting member who is interested in getting involved with creating strategy and solutions to solve homelessness on O'ahu.  The fee to join PIC as a community member is free.

2. Voting Member: Members who are actively involved in both general and subcommittee meetings, and who are eligible to vote on PIC issues that impact strategy and solutions to ending homelessness on O'ahu.  The fee to join PIC as a voting member is outlined below according to the type of agency/organization you represent.

Renewal period for membership will officially end on February 28, 2019.  Please utilize the appropriate and applicable membership application according to the categories outlined above, and please submit your fully completed application and membership dues (if applicable) by the 2/28/18 date.  Also, we implemented one major change to the application and membership process this year that we wanted to inform you of during this renewal period.  The change includes:

Membership Fee Increase: The membership fees are still tiered in structure as in previous years.  However, the membership fees have increased to support operational costs of the organization.  As such, the new member rates for 2019 are as follows:

o Individual:  $50

o Organization:  $150

o Health Plans & Government Agencies:  $500


For new members/member agencies, enrollment periods will be broken up in to 2 semi-annual periods.  For new members/member agencies who want to join PIC, and join between the months of January - June of 2019, a complete membership application and full membership fee will be required.  For new members who join between the months of July - December,  a complete membership application and 50% of the full membership fee will be required. 

Please make all checks payable to Partners In Care and send in your completed application and member dues to:

Partners in Care
c/o Aloha United Way
200 N. Vineyard Blvd. Suite 210
Honolulu, HI 96817

Lastly, we are asking that each member/member agency participate in at least 1 subcommittee of PIC.  Your perspectives and voices are very important.  Please indicate the subcommittee that you would like to serve on in your application, and we will definitely make note of it.  The subcommittee chair will be informed of your desired participation.

2019 Membership Applications