About Us

Partners In Care (PIC) is a coalition composed of representatives of organizations from nonprofit homeless providers, government stakeholders, private businesses, community advocates, public housing agencies, hospitals, universities, affordable housing developers, law enforcement, and homeless and formerly homeless persons.  Located on Oahu, PIC is a planning, coordinating, and advocacy alliance that develops recommendations for programs and services to fill needs within Oahu’s Continuum of Care (CoC) for homeless persons.  PIC assists in developing new programs, while working to preserve or expand effective existing programs.  As a member of Hawaii’s Statewide Continuum of Care, PIC works collaboratively with the rural counties CoC, Bridging the Gap.

Our Mission

PIC’s mission is to eliminate homelessness through open and inclusive participation, and the coordination of integrated responses.

Our Objectives

  1. Build and maintain a community-based process that supports Oahu’s Continuum of Care for homeless persons, 

  2. Develop a full continuum of services,Ensure that homeless persons are treated with dignity and care,

  3. Engage in planning andevaluation to maximize the use of existing resources,

  4. Advocate for policies that promote a comprehensive,

  5. long-term approach to solving homelessness,

  6. Work collaboratively with other agencies and groups throughout the state of Hawaii.