Advocacy Committee Action Alert

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Advocacy Committee is asking for EVERYONE’s help at this critical time at the legislature.  We need to strongly support continuing the proven programs that were funded last year AND ask that these be put into the BASE budget.  The House budget deleted all of PIC’s priorities for homeless services from the Budget (HB 1900).  These services ARE in bills that PIC asked to be introduced as well as mixed into other bills for Ohana Zones.  The House budget allocated $30 Million to the development and services in Ohana Zones. 

We need your help to advocate that :

·Continuation of proven programs like Housing First, Rapid Rehousing, Outreach to Youth and individuals/families who are homeless, and to substance abusers, LEAD, Family Assessment Center, Legal Services, etc. should be FIRST PRIORITY for funding in the budget.

·Funding for these homeless services should be RE-INSERTED into the BASE Budgets of the departments (DHS / DOH)

·PIC requests that funding for these homeless services be increased 25% over the Governor’s budget.  We need to increase the pace of ending homelessness, now that we are finally seeing a downturn in the number of homeless for the first time in many years.

·Need to invest in the creation of affordable rentals.  Request increase allocation to the Rental Housing Revolving Fund (RHRF) to $75 M.

Note:  Governor’s budget requested $50 M to the RHRF.  The House Budget, HB 1900, HD1 reduced the allocation to $25 M.

WHO can help?   You, your agency and staff within your agency who may want to provide individual testimony in support of PIC priorities.  Pass around the cards handed out at the PIC meeting to sign up for Action Alerts from PIC.


How can you help?

·Sign up for Action Alerts at: 

·Testify NOW:  Ways and Means—hearing on HB 1900, HD1- State Budget bill will be Thursday, 3/22 at 9:30 am.

Submit  for HB 1900 on support of above talking points, by WEDNESDAY, 3/21 by 9:30 am.         

The following bills will also be going to the House and Senate money committees (House Finance and Senate Ways and Means).  When you get an Action Alert from PIC, please respond to support critical homeless services AND affordable rental housing.

SB 2401 – PIC’s homeless Omnibus Bill (with all of PIC’s priorities)

SB 2989--  Rental subsidies for Housing Homeless Kids, Family Assessment Center (Kakaako), and Low-Income Renters Credit

HB 2746—Special Action Team to add a focus on developing strategies to house those at 30% AMI & below  (PIC requested bill)

HB 2281-   New Homeless Omnibus bill- includes PIC supported homeless services, Ohana Zones and more.

Other bills PIC supports:

SB 2027 – funding for eviction prevention via the Coordinated Statewide Homeless Initiative (AUW’s bill)

HB 2744- Allocates $1.551 M to HPHA to continue rental subsidies to families currently on the State Rent Supplement program 

OHANA Zone bills (other than above):

HB 2753 – Ohana Zone pilot project and some PIC issues

SB 2501 – Safe Zones (name changed 3/20 to Ohana Zones)