Communications Committee

The Communications Committee: develops and implements PIC’s Communications Plan, develops specific strategies for community partnerships and outreach, media and online communication channels to reach target segments most effectively, develops compelling messaging for elected officials and policy makers in the form of dashboards and reports specific to districts, aggregate reports, and posts all position statements on the PIC website, develops relationships with elected officials and staff by conducting in person meetings and providing data specific to legislative/council districts, designs and develops marketing collateral (print, web, and social media, supports event planning for the annual Homeless Awareness Conference, implements Coordinated Entry System communications plan targeting public support of portals of entry to CES, implements a communications calendar to include earned media (press releases/conferences), website promotion and social media that aligns with strategic goals and initiatives of committees and membership, implements the communications strategy for release of annual PIT count report, implements the speaker’s bureau to deliver Homeless 101 curriculum in collaboration with Advocacy Committee. The speaker’s bureau aims to reduce the stigma of homelessness, increase the community’s understanding of homelessness, and encourage compassion towards homeless persons.

The committee Chair is responsible for disseminating a quarterly e-newsletter to membership to communicate meetings and events; updates, decisions, and actions; and HMIS data quality and reporting. For more information, please contact Randy Gonce, Communications Committee Chair,

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