Homelessness in Hawaii

  • February 20,2014

    The subsequent article focuses on the opening of a small emergency shelter for homeless veterans in Kalihi Valley. The new shelter is funded through a grant from the VA and provides a safe, quiet respite where veterans can seek counseling and treatment. The article conveys a glimpse into the plight of homeless veterans in Hawaii and possible solutions to the multifaceted problem.

  • February 18,2014

    The ensuing article provides insight into two measures designed to protect the homeless by carrying longer prison terms for felonies against those without shelter. The Bills were drafted in response to the surge in murder and assault of homeless individuals in recent months.

  • February 1,2014

    The attached article provides analysis of the cost of homelessness in Hawaii. It presents average costs for various institutional programs in Hawaii and compares those costs to average permanent supportive housing costs.

  • December 1,2013

    The following report to the 2014 Hawaii State Legislature from the HICH provides an overview of the mission of the Council and discusses fundamental approaches to tackling and ultimately ending homelessness in Hawaii. The report also outlines the working groups and collaborative efforts assembled to accomplish the work and important strategies, which have been modeled after the national plan created by the USICH.