Homelessness in Hawaii

  • June 29,2016

    Results from the 2016 Hawaii Statewide Homeless Point-In-Time (PIT) conducted on January 24, 2016 revealed the following information:

    - 4% overall increase in the numbers of homeless individuals from 7,620 persons in 2015 to 7,921 persons in 2016.

    -3% decrease in the total number of sheltered and unsheltered homeless veterans statewide compared to 2015, with a 12% decrease on Oahu.

    -12% increase in the overall number of unsheltered individuals and families since 2015.

    -4.5% decrease in the overall number of sheltered individuals and families since 2015.

  • June 27,2016

    Jen recently joined Partners in Care as the new Director with over a decade of leadership experience in health and human services, and advocating for low-income and homeless communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and Phoenix.  For the last three years she has consulted with non profit organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area on strategic planning, fund development and infrastructure development.  Previously she served as the Director of Resource Development for Swords to Plowshares, a large non-profit organization serving homeless veterans throughout California.  Jen holds two

  • February 20,2014

    The subsequent article focuses on the opening of a small emergency shelter for homeless veterans in Kalihi Valley. The new shelter is funded through a grant from the VA and provides a safe, quiet respite where veterans can seek counseling and treatment. The article conveys a glimpse into the plight of homeless veterans in Hawaii and possible solutions to the multifaceted problem.