Partners In Care is looking for Board of Directors Nominations!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Partners In Care has Board of Directors Nominations and Voting Coming Up!!
This is a very exciting time, and we need all of you to become involved to make the nomination process successful.  We have amazing Board members who are currently serving, and we want our incoming Board members to be representative of the finest leaders in our community.  We need your input to make that happen!
To participate in the nomination process, we are asking for your nominations of any qualified candidate to serve on the board for the next two years (Term: 1/1/19 – 12/31/20).  The current board positions that we are seeking nominations for include the following:
1. Executive Chair (Currently serving: Jon Berliner)
2. Advocacy Chair (Currently serving: Gavin Thornton)
3. Awareness Chair (Currently serving: Maile Montallana)
4. Data Chair (Currently serving: Carla Houser)
5. Planning Chair (Currently serving: Tom McDonald)
6. Secretary (Currently serving: Anna Stone)
Attached is a quick cheat sheet titled “Board of Directors Nominations Overview – Voting Period 2018” that outlines the roles and responsibilities for each position.  Please use this cheat sheet when determining your nominee.  We are kindly asking for 1 form to be filled out per nominee.  You are welcomed to make more than one nomination, and self-nominations are also welcomed.
To submit your nominations, please fill out the nomination form (See attached form titled: “2019 PIC BOD Nomination Form - Fillable”) and send it directly to If you could kindly add a little blurb about your nominee in your email submission, that would be greatly appreciated.  Please submit all nominations by no later than close of business Tuesday October 9, 2018.  Once all nominations are submitted, the following timeline of events will occur:
• Organizational Development Committee will review all nominations received and solicit members in categories that aren’t represented:  Week of 10/9/18 – 10/15/18
• Final list of nominations and final ballot for voting:  10/16/18 (For members who do not attend the PIC General Meeting on this date, a link will be sent out to your organization’s point of contact for a vote)
• Voting period for members to submit their vote: 10/16/18 – 11/15/18 (We are asking for 100% participation from each agency for voting.  1 vote per agency.)
• Final votes tabulated: 11/20/18
• Announce new Board of Directors by position in the December General Meeting: 12/18/18